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"Lynne's Lines"
a.k.a   Lynne Flanders
Line Dance Instructor / DJ / Choreographer

Hi All -  Welcome to "mysite" - 
           This is my DJ & Dance website -
               Hope you enjoy it!

~ There are tons of things to be found here ~
My Schedule, Resume, Notes, Links,
  Get Well, Sympathy, Wedding & Birthday lists,
   Events, Shows, Concerts, Fairs, Benefits, Links & More ...

Have fun exploring all the pages !!!
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"Lynne's Lines" is the name of my Business, 
         "my" group of dancers and
the title of my Newsletter

I have another website -
It has my more personal stuff = Dad's obit, pixs & stories ~

Holiday notes, jokes etc .... Family, Friends, Trips etc... 
I added a Link on that site where you can view over 400 photos of our trip
to Savannah, GA for Dad's Navy LSM (WWII) reunion (Sept 08).

Look for me on:
Facebook (just fun & pics) &
MySpace (for a few photos) &
LinkedIn (mostly high school reunions) 

CountryLocals (music & dance) &
Google+ (just starting there - nothing yet)
Please consider joining my list of friends on those sites..

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Please Email me at if you'd like
to be added to my mailing list, if you would like something
added to this site, if there are mistakes! or just
say "Hi" and let me know that you were here !!!

Note ~ This is a "work in progress" ~
Once you are finished with this "Start / Home" page,
take a look at some of the other pages...
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I hope you will enjoy the site & check back often.

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