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Biography, Background, History 

Lynne Flanders d.b.a. "Lynne's Lines" 

Country, Oldies & more = DJ, Instructor  & Choreographer

"Dancing is my Life, Country is my Love".

Since 1986, I have been Country dancing & I Square danced for many years before that. Attending Ballet & Tap lessons through Grammar School and High School, I joined the Dance Club in College and later joined YMCA/Girl's club classes.

When I've had enough of retirement,  I'll get back & DJ your next Party ! Please see the "DJ Services" page for details. I have also worked with several Entertainment & DJ Services as their Country Instructor.

As a full-time Country Dance Instructor & DJ, I worked for many towns, clubs, events and places. A few years ago (after a broken ankle) I slowed down to part-time, but stayed active as President of New England Western Dance Assoc. In March 2017, I stopped working due to a cancer diagnosis - Thank Goodness, I am now in remission and looking forward to getting back into the swing of things/ Sadly, I had a set back!


  • NEWDA (New England Western Dance Assoc) - President+Guest DJ/Instructor through it's closing June 2017
  • Watertown Parks & Rec - Instructor since 2004   
  • Ridgefield's Founder's Hall - Instructor since June 2003 (Ballard Square = 2000-2001)
  • Derby Senior Center - Instructor starting May 2013

In the past:

    • Illusions Dance Club, Wolcott, CT (1999-2015 when they closed their doors) (House Instructor & occasional DJ)
    • Old Toll Gate in Woodbury ~ Feb 2008 > Dec 2009 (DJ & Instructor)
    • Rockwells (the Dance Hall), Plainville  ~ 2011 (Guest Instructor)
    • Crystal's in Bristol ~ Jan 2005>2008 - (Instructor & DJ)
    • Victorian Room at Thomaston Lanes - 2013
    • Hemlock Hills Campground in Lichfield (guest DJ & Instructor)
    • Testa's Banquet Hall in Southington (DJ & Instructor)
    • Colorado Brewery in Danbury (DJ & Instructor)
    • Wallingford Senior Center - April 1996 > 2014
    • Valley Regional Ad Ed "VRAE" in Shelton ~ 2012 (Instructor)
    • Southington Parks & Rec ~ (Instructor) 1995-2009
    • Adult Ed in Waterbury - 1994>2004 (Instructor)
    • Pufferbellies in Cape Cod, MA (Guest DJ & Instructor)
    • Naugatuck & Waterbury YMCAs (Instructor)
    • Newtown/Sandy Hook Senior Center (Instructor) Oct 2004-Aug 2012
    • Pinecrest Country Club in Shelton (Instructor)
    • Essex House in Essex (Instructor)
    • Mustang Sallys, Milford, CT - 2012 (Guest Instructor)
    • Boot Scooters in Milford (Guest Instructor)
    • The Lumberyard, West Redding, CT ~ 2012 (Guest Instructor)
    • G W Cafe in Southington (Guest Instructor)
    • The Elks in Wallingford (Instr)
    • Kangaroos in Milford (Guest Instructor)
    • Jasper's in Berlin (Instructor)
    • Middletown Senior Center (Instructor) (2008- Aug 2012)
    • Plainville Senior Center (Oct 1996-2011)
    • Berlin Senior Center (May 1996-2011)
    • Newtown/Sandy Hook Senior Center (Oct 2004-2012)
    • Bethel Senior Center - (Instructor) Sept 2004-Aug 2012
    • Danbury's Old Jailhouse & Elmwood Hall (Instructor May 1996 > Sept 2010)
    • Oxford Senior Center (many years in the old center - returning to new center 2009-2011)
    • Woodbury Senior Center (Instructor)- 1993-03, 2006-08, 2009-10
    • Redding, Oxford & Woodbury Parks & Recreation (in my earlier years)
    • Washington, Brookfield, Barry Square in Hartford, New Fairfield, Southbury, Redding & Prospect Senior Centers (Instructor)


With my "Lynne's Lines" Team, I have held Lessons & Demos
at Elderly housing & Continuing care / Alzheimer homes including:

  • Chancellor Gardens in Plantsville
  • Village at South Farms in Middletown
  • Almost Family in Danbury
  • Second Home in Brookfield

1997-99 = I started Line Dance classes for the mentally retarded and handicapped at:

  • Danbury's DMR
  • Pathfinders in Derby
  • YMCA in Waterbury

"Free time" is spent with my dancers "Lynne's Lines"  &
                                      co-ordinating dance trips to

  • RI, NH, NY, PA, ME, NC, SC, VA, MA, the Cape, Nashville, Las Vegas
  • Dance & Music Cruises to Canada, Hawaii, Alaska, Panama/Costa Rico, Carribean & more...

We Demo & I DJed or have taught at Dance Weekends, Fairs, Benefits, Weddings, Hoe-Downs, BBQs, Concerts, Cruises, Events, Barn Dances, Campgrounds, Fund-raisers & Festivals.
I have or will be working at:

  • NELOL (NorthEast Ladies of Line) for the Arthritis Foundation, MA (2005, 06, 07, 08, 09, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14,15) I am still on her Core Staff Receiving an Award in 2008
  • Tim Gillis Fall Weekend, NY (2009, 10, 11)
  • Tim Gillis Spring Weekend, NY (2008, 09, 10, 11, 12)
  • Soldier's Fund Workshop in Pine Bush NY (2010 & 2014) guest instr
  • CT Agricultural Fair (2004, 05, 06)
  • Freedom on the Dance Floor, MA (2006)
  • Stomp Out Cancer, Cadillac Ranch, CT (2013)
  • the Floor Filler, Cape Cod, MA (2006) instr
  • Goshen Fair, CT (2002, 03, 04, 05, 06, 07, 08, 09, 10, 11, 12, 13)
  • "Country Bone" Workshop in Rayham, MA (2011) instr
  • NEWDA "Dance-shop" at Illusions, CT (2014) instr
  • Line Dance Showdown, MA (2005) instr
  • Boston Revolution, MA (2005) instr
  • New England Line Dance Spectacular, MA (2003, 04) instr
  • Lake Quassy Amusement Park, CT (2004, 05, 06, 07, 08, 09, 13, 14, 15) instr & demo team
  • FUNshop at the Cadillac Ranch, CT (2007, 08, 09) instr
  • Pufferbellies, Cape Cod, MA - guest instr/DJ
  • Winnie's Dance Ranch "Amato" Weekend, NY (2004) instr
  • Dancin' For Dreams in MA (2004) & in CT (2006) (Demo)
  • "DLD LOL Summertime Sizzler" in MA (2005)
  • Northeast Dance Jam, NH (2005) (2008 - I had to back out due to family emergency)
  • GradNight in Woodbury, CT (2008) - DJ & instr
  • "Dare2Dance" workshop w/ Michael Diven, PA (2008)
  • Glastonbury Rodeo, CT (1997) instr
  • NOMAD Festival in Newtown, CT (Demo & Teach)
  • 92.5 Great American Music Fest (1998) instr
  • New Britain CT General Hospital's Cancer Survivors (1999) instr
  • The Meadows, Hartford, CT - Tim McGraw Concert (2001) instr
  • St Jude's Benefit, Southbury, CT (2005) DJ/Instr
  • Oxford Gazebo summer series with Stone Canyon (2008, 09, 10) instr
  • Danbury Yacht Club (again in 2008) DJ/instr
  • NY/NJ Workshop (2006) instr
  • All American (Spring, Summer & Fall) Weekends in PA & NY (2006, 07, 08)
  • Workshop / Dance at FOE in Sleepy Hollow, NY (2007, 08, 09) instr
  • Westchester Ballroom, NY (2007) instr
  • Dance Cruise to Canada (2005) instr
  • Dance Cruise to Hawaii (2011) instr
  • Dance Cruise to Alaska (2012) and more.....
  • on staff (& competed) at JG2 Marathon in NC (2006, 07, 08, 09, 10, 11)

Many years ago, as a finalist in a waltz competition sponsored by Country 92.5 FM and "America's Cup=Harbor Park" in Middletown, I was invited & privileged to waltz on Wallingford's "Oakdale" stage while Kenny Rogers sang. I've danced a television spotlight on TNN's "Wildhorse" in Nashville, TN with "Jus Gotta Country Dance" team, and have performed with "NEWDA"'s team at "Hunter Mountain Music Festival" in NY. A few Wallingford Seniors danced with me on local cable TV and "Lynne's Lines" were televised dancing at Southington Green.

I have choreographed many dances published in "Country Dance Lines" & "Step By Step" magazines and dance websites including kickit & copperknob. My first choreographies were for Christmas and I have had the pleasure of choreographing for local artists, Bands and Promoters:

  • Mary Beth Sippin (CT)
  • Lenny Paquette (CT)
  • Bonnie Brandon & Silver Wings (CT moved to FL)
  • Lauren Cook (CT)
  • High Edge (FL)
  • Tresa Street (Nashville, TN)
  • Erica Brooke
  • Maggie Austin
  • Publicity House / Wildfire (Nashville)

When my dance "Taking Time" gained world wide recognition, I decided to write more dances, then entered my first choreography competition at the 2006 Tim Gillis Spring Weekend in NY and was pleased to have placed 2nd. I then placed 2nd and 3rd at the UCWDC 2006 JG2 Marathon in NC. I am extremely proud to have received 1st place with "Way Up Yonder" at the 2006 Fall Tim Gillis weekend and then took 2nd place at the 2007 JG2 Marathon. That dance was still on the world survey more than a year later and is still being requested in 2017! What an honor. In 2008, my dance "Stronger" placed 3rd at the JG2 Marathon UCWDC in NC. In 2009, I placed 2nd at the JG Marathon with a local favorite "Taking Time". In 2010 "Anything Goes" placed 2nd at the JG Marathon in NC ~ it was co-choreographed with Gerrard Perraud of France & was chosen for Scooter Lee's "Dream Team". After a long break, I am (happily) back to choreography....

A few of my choreographies:

  • Never Give Up! (2017)
  • Till It's Gone to Kenny Chesney
  • (Sounds Good) Don't It? to Billy Currington
  • Small Town Throwdown to Brantley Gilbert
  • Taking Time to Gone by Montgomery Gentry
  • Way Up Yonder to Good Directions by Billy Currington
  • Anything Goes co-choreographed with Gerard Perraud of France
  • About Leavin' U - cute Contra done to several songs
  • more dances by Lynne Flanders can be found on &  

As a long-time member of CCMA (CT Country Music Assoc), I once served as a competition judge. I was the CT State Director for NTA "National Teacher's Assoc" (2005-07) and, for many years, was the co-ordinator of TITW (Teacher's independant Training Workshops), TIM (Teacher's Independant Meetings) later called CM&DF (CT Music and Dance Forum). 
As a long-time member of NEWDA (New England Western Dance Association), I served in several positions on their Board (Corresponding Secretary, Sunshine, Ways & Means (wares), Newsletter etc) and as President (2002-04, 2012-17).

Before all this, I belonged to many Square Dance Clubs and wish I had time to rejoin one. (Of course, I would need a partner to fully enjoy it again). I taught Line Dancing during their Breaks and was a Round Dance Cuer's Partner. I danced with, taught at or belonged to the following:

  • Woodbury Town & Country (past member)
  • Nutmeg Squares (past angel)
  • Cheshire Cats (past member)
  • Glastonbury Squares (past member)
  • Temple Sweethearts (past instructor)
  • Circle B (past member)
  • Mad Hatters (past instructor)
  • Manchester Squares (past instructor)

Where I taught Country Line Dancing at Square Dance Events:

  • 36th New England Square & Round Dance Convention (1994)
  • 30th Square and Round Dance Festival (1998)

Before Line Dancing, I had several other careers and jobs.
It's been an interesting life that has changed through the years and so have my choices of employment. 
Here's a list of former Summer, Part time & Full time jobs:

  • Selling corn at Brinley's Gainfield Farm (age 12)
  • Babysitter for neighbors and friends
  • Life Guard at Jackson's Cove in Oxford (Summer job while in school)
  • Sales/helper at Atticus Bookstore (Southbury)
  • Dental Assistant for Dr Eller (Southbury), Dr Rogers (Naugatuck) and Dr Klem (Waterbury)
  • Bartender at Manor Inn (Southington), Last Chance Saloon / Yesterday's (Watertown),
    Piccadilly Pub (Southbury), Friar Tucks (Wolcott), Ramon's Steak & Seafood (Southbury).
  • Store Owner/Manager (with my Mom) of Chelsea Card & Gift Shop in Waterbury
  • Line dance Instructor & DJ (see above)

Schools = Education:

  • Pequot (Grammar) School in Southport, CT
  • Oxford Centralized (Middle) School in Oxford, CT
  • Wykeham Rise (High) in Washington, CT
  • Wells College in Aurora, NY
  • numerous classes, workshops, seminars

As you can see, I love Country = Dance, Concerts, Fairs, Music, Walks.
It is rewarding and a blessing to be doing what I love ... 

I hope to meet you or see you one day soon.

Thank you for your time and consideration,

Lynne Flanders