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Lynne's Lines ... my thoughts & news... (like a diary?)
(Notes & former postings from my "Home page" & Facebook)

Today's Extras:
I have decided to stop writing here but will leave up my old notes in case anyone is interested....  Find me on facebook to see what I am up to... Thanks!!!

Oct 2013 ~ Wow ~ I see that it has been a full year since I have written in here. It has been a great year! I have been getting stronger since my injuries. Slowly getting back to "normal" (but doubt I will ever be 100%). My focus has been on healing.
NEWDA has been doing well ~ I am President again for 2014. We are planning a holiday party dance at the Carousel Museum (what a beautiful place). Our BBQ at Lake Quassy Amusement Park was fabulous! We had dancers & instructors from MA, NY & CT! Check out our new website
I worked at two charity workshops this year - The Soldiers Fund in NY & NELOL for Arthritis in MA. I love these two events for two great causes. I also taught at a fundraiser @ Cadillac Ranch for a dancer with cancer.
I am teaching less regular classes than before I was hurt. I decided to return to Ridgefield & Wallingford Seniors and Watertown Park & Rec. New for me is Derby Senior Center with it's great wooden floor (& free class for all members). And I ran a session of lessons at Illusions again too. Taking things slower - Travelling a bit & taking time to enjoy life.
Trips have included my first time to the CMT awards & CMA's in Nashville (though not my first trip there) - I loved talking with the older stars (Lynn Anderson, Ricky Skaggs, LuLu from HeeHaw & ice cream with Maverick's Robert. Country Music cruise with Trace Adkins, Jerrod Niemann, Randy Houser, Neal McCoy, Chuck Wicks and so many more.

Nov 2012 - Happy Thanksgiving!
I was sorry to miss the Tim Gillis weekend ~ I hope All had a good time! I am still in PT ~ coming along slowly... No dancing or teaching yet............

Oct 2012 - Started PT for my ankle & knee - It's hard work but I WILL do it!!! - I am anxious to return to my real life!!!
In the meantime: I have agreed to become the President of NEWDA (New England western Dance Assoc (again) ~ This will require a lot of help ~ Please let me know if you have ideas!!!
Fun = I attended a fundraiser/Anniversary for Founders Hall - incredible to be in the dining room with Judy Collins! After sharing her life's story with song & humor, there was a meet & greet + a gift = her new CD!!!
The fun continued on the BSCruise - charted on Norwegian - Blake Shelton, Trace Adkins, Jerrod Niemann, Neal McCoy, Easton Corbin, Lee Brice, Randy Houser,  and so many more - 19 concerts a day! There were many new, up-n-coming artists too - amazing ~ Concerts, Q&A, Photo, autographs ~ running into them all over the ship & on the tours too!  Who wants to go next year???
(Note: I WAS good onboard = I did my PT excercises & even went to the gym!). Next Dr's appt is the end of the month! 

Sept - I was able to fly to Charleston for the Navy WWII LSM reunion (for my Dad). Using a wheelchair in the airport is easier than you would think! Southwest treated me nicely. I loved seeing Dad's shipmate this year (last time was 2008) I must admit I had trouble keeping up with the 90+- year olds! But I did behave, keeping leg elevated and iced! I want to drive & dance again!
I also attended our Wykeham Rise Steering comittee meeting & have agreed to be on the "Reunion 2013 comittee" for the newly formed "Wykeham Rise Alumnae Association" - looking forward to it.

Aug>Sept - I fell while in VA - broke my right ankle & sprained my right knee - Life is on hold for awhile... I'll try to relax... This is not how I  planned to spend the "Fall" season! I love walking the Fairs & all the outdoor concerts.. darn! Have been able to meet a few people for dinner, ice cream etc... Life is focused on food again = not good!

Aug  - We are planning to return to Country Music & Lessons at Illusions - very excited! Have a dance event in Richmond, VA - Busy, busy....

July - a wonderful time ~ started in Seattle (wonderful public transportation) with my dance friends - The Space Needle - no clouds on the mountain tops = perfect weather! The Market, Crabcakes, The Underground, so much to see... Followed by a Dance Cruise to Alaska - Weather was not so good! I must go back someday... dog sledding & helecopter were cancelled! But - a wonderful place & amazing scenery! Then it was off to CA to see family - spent time in Ramona, San Diego & Julian! Love my family!
From there I went to the "Dance is Life" event in Vegas ~ tried my luck & did the Zip Line on Freemont St = excellent! A Summer to remember!

March 2012  - Life has many changes - I am trying something new - If it passes Planning & Zoning..... I will be the proud owner of a new dance studio!!! Contract has been signed for the building, now I am scared & excited all at the same time - Wish me luck... Details to follow!!! 
Note: The building venture fell through - too many hastles - would be a money pit... Better things to come, I hope...

Feb 2012 - Happy Valentine's Day & yet another dance cruise (Everglades, Cozumel, Costa Rica & Panama) - My challenge = climb the Cabo ruins (pyramid) - The adventure started in Ft Lauderdale (water taxis) - Did several 1st time things = I held a monkey & an alligator (sat on one too) - Saw wild monkeys & a sloth. Watched the ships in the Panama canal, rode a gondola over the rainforest & danced with the Embera Indians. Amazing places.........  

Jan 2012 - Happy New Year -Time is flying along!!! 

Dec 2011 - Christmas parties!!!! Happy Holidays - Busy, busy, busy.

Nov 2011 - My 60th Birthday!!! How can that be?!? - It was an amazing time - The day was spent on a cruise ship o Hawaii - teaching with Joanne Brady etc & having fun with a few CT students & all the new "family" of dancers. Hawaii is beautiful & I had my 1st helicopter ride! - Photos can be found on Facebook!

Oct 2011 - Getting ready for a Dance Cruise - Hawaii here we come! My diet is coming along - so happy!
(update in Sept 2012 = 55 pounds lost! even with vacations & being laid up for a bit!)

Sept 2011 - Home from Nashville - I love it there! Country music every step of the way. I have posted MANY photos on Facebook. I spent time with my reunion friends & made some new friends this year Next year's reunion will be in Charlotte. I stayed on in TN & met up with CT friends & we did a lot of sightseeing - I look forward to another trip there. 

Sept 2 - Looking forward to this year's WWII Navy LSM Reunion - Nashville this year - We will keep these going as long as we can - fewer vets each year - but I've made a whole new "family" with these men & their families.    

Sept 1 - Getting ready for Goshen Fair - Will be dancing there all weekend (Sat, Sun & Labor Day Mon) & I will be teaching a bunch of Line Dances! Hope to see you there & also hope the rain stays away!

Aug 29 - I hope everyone made it through Hurricane Irene - I had tons of water & a few trees down - No real damage, just a BIG mess!

Aug 27 - OK! All set for Hurricane Irene! be safe All!!! 

Aug - We set a restart date - Illusions - Wed nights starting Sept 21st - I will also be the DJ!!! it will be good to see everyone again! 

July 5 - missing Dad
on his Birthday... RIP...

Happy 4th everyone! Sat. = Alysan's High School Graduation party - Great to see my PA friends! Mon. = a picnic & Birthday for Gary. Great weather!  

Have decided to take the summer off from both Illusions & Rockwells.... enjoying the Summer.... maybe some car shows.. 

Happy Easter!

4/14 ~ mailed my taxes in! I'm early!!! The weather is finally getting warmer ~ still have snow in yard (unbelievable!!!).

4/13/11 - Great night at Illusions! Candy, Bunny ears, Fun & Friends! Thanks everyone ~ see you in May!

Went to see Fabian, Bobby Rydell & Frankie Avalon with Carol - Had a fun time!!! The Palace is gorgeous.....  

3/30 - New place to teach = RockWells (the Dance Hall) in Plainville - Had a wonderful time! Thanks for joining me there!

3/19 ~ Heading out to see "Grease" with Ruth ~ Glad to see Spring weather!

3/17/11~ really missing Mom & Dad on their anniversary - RIP.
Happy St Patrick's day!

3/16/11 - great night at Illusions! Thanks everyone!

3/15/11 - planning music for tomorrow's Party at Illusions - new dances put to Irish tunes - always a challenge to find the perfect song! Sad that we are down to once a month at the club, but happy that we are still there! 

12/26 (Or is it 12/27?) ~ well, Santa brought me is a bad cold! But his helpers brought me tons of chocolate, Dunkin' certificates, cash, an annual ornament, a VERY soft blanket/throw + a few more wonderful gifts. thanks everyone. I have not sent out my cards yet - It's not looking good this year - I am soooo behind. I am still editing photos to post on Facebook & have a few more parties left too. Hope everyone is safe & warm - Adrianne is throwing alot of snow & howling like crazy.

12/25 ~ Merry Christmas!!!

12/24 ~ Christmas Eve ~ Spent the day wrapping gifts, then off to have "Christmas Beast" (prime rib) with Amber, Ruth & Gary. Delicious! Made a few phone calls (I still have not started my cards!!! What is wrong with me this year!!!!). Tomorrow starts with Breakfast at Cousin Bill's (Lynnette's son Matt is cooking). We'll see where the rest of the day brings me....

Saturday before Christmas is always Brunch at Dave & Carol's - this year I worked that afternoon (line dance lessons & dancing at a Celebration of Life for Mary). Sunday the carolers came (smaller group but I loved seeing them & exchanging ornaments). 

So many parties! lots of fun. lots of food!!! (See the Holiday pages!!!!). So much to do..... Hustle Bustle - need a snow day! 

Thanksgiving - Turkey dinner with Amber, Ruth & Gary. Yummy!!! Home-baked pies too!!! Then, Saturday I had turkey leftovers with John, Jean, Billy, Jane & their families ~ Stuffed again!!!

Nov 6th-ish - My Birthday (week) .... no cake! but had lots of mini-fun with friends. One of the highlights = I reconnected with a friend from years ago "Sandi"- We went to Queens, NY & saw a wonderful musical "One Ride" based on the real life of a Rodeo rider turned country singer = We loved it!

Nov 2 - Go out & VOTE !!! the sun is out - no excuses !

August 16 ~ had fun shopping at Dress Barn ~ NEW fancy jeans ~ and some "on sale" tops - good deals (50% + 10%) & NO TAX week !!!!

August 13 ~ Friday the 13th ~ a good day = work followed by meal @ the diner with friends John & Jean. Last night was great too = dinner with June = too long between visits - we talked at "Basil's" for 4+ hrs....

August 9 ~ Had pizza on the grill ~ my Goddaughter "Amber" bought the dough & all of us "loaded" them up ~ Ruth cooked 'em. YUMMY & FUN !   

August 6 ~ Deciding to sell the house "as is" ~ let it go for some stress relief. Been busy sorting through 30+ years of papers & stuff .... filled a dumpster already !!!! Had a GREAT time in VA & spent 3 days driving home (sightseeing) spending the last night in PA with my friends (Dena, Jamie, Alysan & CJ)  
July 14 ~ Happy that we had rain !!!! But, No progress with the house/tree ~ waiting on insurance & still interviewing contractors ... Wanting to have fun ~ maybe a car show ??? 

July 2010 ~ Hot, hot, hot !!! The pond is down more than 20 inches !!!

June 20 ~ Missing Dad on Father's day, but had a great weekend & day. Dee & I had dinner at Chowder Pot (thanks Dee). We All raised a lot of money for the Arthritis Fund - It was an annual dance event in Sturbridge MA called "NELOL" (North East Ladies of Line). I was one of the instructors there - Thanks for everyone's support !   

June 1, 2010 ~ Well, Good news - Bad news = Good news= I won 2nd place (with Gerard Perraud) for "Anything Goes" choreography at JG Marathon in Raleigh, NC ~  Bad news = a neighbor's tree fell on my house while I was there ! I guess insurance will take care of most of it ... We will see - Will see how much damage once the tree is removed ... Always something ! Check for class cancelations !

May 9, 2010 ~ Terrific time at Pine Bush, NY - raised lots of $$$$ for our soldiers - Thanks to All for coming & to Jan & Bernie for asking me .... Missing Mom on Mother's Day.

April = Tim Gillis & Myrtle Beach - back to back !!! Fun, fun, fun ... 

April - Taxes done early ! WhooHoo !!!

March ~ St Patty's day, corned beef & cabbage,

Feb 23, 2010 ~ another snow day !!! Thought Spring was here = daffodils are up & have been seeing bluebirds & robins !!! No work today, so ...Maybe I can get some "home work" done !

Feb 10 ~ RIP Dad. It's been a long year. I miss you so much ... 

Jan 23, 2010 ~ Sorry it's been so long ~ I finally have DSL hooked up ~ The move to the family home is still not complete, it takes so long to sort through everything. But, I can finally see some progress ~ That will still be my main focus for awhile but I'll try to update things here better this year ! Thank you all for your support, I really appreciate it. I'm looking forward to returning as an instructor at NELOL, Tim Gillis, Quassy, Goshen Fair, Oxford Gazebo. New for this year is the Soldier's Fund workshop in NY (thanks Jan & Bern). I plan to vacation/dance at Spring Break in Myrtle Beach & JG in Raleigh. Last June, I vacationed in Ramona, CA to see my cousins & GodMother (no dancing). June also marked my high school reunion (40 years - OMG) & we had such a great time that we will be doing it every year. Then Jean & I went to St Louis for the WWII Navy LSM/LSMR Reunion. They had a bell ceremony & taps for my Dad & the others lost in 2009. Our generation has been encouraged to keep the assoc/reunion alive so... Cincinnatti here we come ! I was disappointed missing World's in Nashville, but have a lot to look forward to! Wishing all my "Families" (Relatives, Dancers, School & Navy) a Happy & Healthy New Year. With your help, I survived 2009 ~ Thank you & I hope to see you again in 2010.

May 25 ~ Hope you had a great weekend ! We had crazy weather = I took the convertible out yesterday & barely made it home in time - a severe thunder/rain/wind storm came on very quickly - it was a beautiful morning though. Today was a day to remember our servicemen .... a relaxing day for me.

April 27 ~ Had a great time at Tim Gillis weekend in the Catskills of NY. This was my 2nd time teaching at this event & I am proud to say that I've been invited to instruct there again this Fall !!! What an honor !!! Thank you to all of you that have supported me ! 
I hope to find some time to update all my pages - there are a lot of things to do this Summer & plenty of concerts etc - I will get to it very soon. Life has been a bit too crazy lately ...

April 7 ~ Wow - I haven't written in a long time - Sorry ! I have been very busy = Taxes, Probate, Work & Moving !!! Get to computer very lttle these days - but - will try to improve. I'm glad that Spring weather is close ... the flowers are helping me to smile !!!!

Mar 1 ~ Haven't had much to say lately ... words & thoughts are difficult & scattered. Thanks for all the cards & messages. I will update when things get back to "normal" (whatever that is - LOL). Thanks for everyone's understanding & kindness - all truly appreciated at this most difficult time .... 

Feb 14 ~ Valentine's Day - Christopher's workshop at the Dance Hall in Plainville - I hope to attend - I need to get some sort of normalcy - Have just updated my other website (link can be found on my home page). It has a page with Dad's obit & some pix & stories of our trips together ...

Feb 11 ~ Sad news, My Dad passed away yesterday. I am struggling to keep my thoughts straight. I will try to write more later ..
On a good note - the St Jude's concert was wonderful - had front row seats - tons of pictures but it will be some time before I can sort them ...

Jan 18 ~ Well, more snow .... Stay in, stay warm ! I hope you were able to get you tixs for St Jude's concert ~ Sold out really fast this year !

Jan 13 ~ Wow ! It's a new year already, Time sure flies!!! New classes are starting up & I'm anxious to get back to my regular  schedule! I've missed way too many classes over the holidays ...
Hope everyone is doing well ~ Here's to a GREAT New Year !
Here's a note I'd like to share with you ~ it's from "HappyFeet" ~

"Lunar Year 2009 is the Year of the Ox (starting from Jan 26) - which symbolises prosperity through fortitude and hard work ....The "Ox" year needs discipline and is not the time for unruly behaviour or taking short cuts.  In this year, success is achieved solely through hard work. Ouch ! Got the message ... allow us to chill out in the remaining "Rat" days."  

Dec 28 ~ Crazy weather we have been having - Looks like the fog is finally going away ... I have cancelled today's class/dancing at Crystal's. Many of our dancers are away, have company or are still tied up with Holiday "stuff" - So, I hope to see you all there next Sunday - OK ?

Dec 25 ~ Merry Christmas ! - Hope Santa was good to everyone !! Dad & I needed a change of pace & scenery, so I drove him out to the Casino - It was fun, We had dinner, walked a bit, gambled a bit, watched/listened to the band & had some dessert & hot cocoa before the drive home ~ It was a pleasant time & just what we needed !!!  Nice to get away (Would've been better if we were lucky - LOL) ~ Yesterday he went to eye Dr ~ no changes there, Other appts are in January - hopefully they can determine what's going on ..... He wasn't up to going out last night, but I had dinner at Ruth & Gary's (my Goddaughter's parents) with Ruth's sister & my Goddaughter Amber & her boyfriend - delicious Prime Rib !!! Thanks Ruth !!!! Dad seemed better when I got back to his house...
Tomorrow? Shopping ? maybe see the lights we missed last week (snow)...
So... anyone want to dance on Sunday ? Let me know ASAP !!!
Here are a couple entertaining links of my students and Dad dancing !!!
This was a gift created by my student/friend Joyce Goldin:

Dec 23 - OK Christmas is almost here !
I will never be ready !!! But, here I am playing on the computer !!!
Here are some Links you may enjoy for the Holidays !!!
Naughty =
Nice =
Magic Star =

Dec 20 ~ OK - We are shovelled out !!! I am already sick of Winter! Dad is back home - will need followup Drs visits - I am planning on working as much as possible - See notes of Dec 15th (I am still not near a computer a lot - so bear with me !!!)

Dec 15 ~ Well, here we go again .. Dad went into the hospital via ambulance/emergency room - early this am. They will be running him through lots of tests again ... When I left this evening he was feeling better ...

Note: Please be aware that there may be last minute changes in my schedule because of him & that I will not be near a computer throughout much of this time .... So, check on my lessons page first, then if there's nothing listed, please check with the centers & halls ... sorry for the inconvenience .... I hope things will be back to normal soon. I have rescheduled a few of the Christmas gatherings (see the Holiday page).

Dec 5 = Too much sad news ... see the "This Little Light" page. Prayers are needed for all kinds of healing (Illness & Sympathy). We've recently lost 2 callers and a young dancer. Too sad for words...
I'm hoping the weather will be OK for Sunday (our Holiday party at Cystals).
I'm having trouble prepping for Christmas !!!! It's approaching way too fast !!!

Nov 29 = Well, the weather has scared a few away & some are on vacation & one is sick ... so, today's dance is cancelled ... See you at Crystal's next week ...
Stay in, dry & warm !!!

Nov 27 = Hope you had a GREAT Thanksgiving !!! I cooked this year (just for Dad & myself). We both ate too much !!! It was a 12 & half lb. bird with all the fixin's (bread stuffing, turnips etc). Realized we forgot the cranberry sauce when putting leftovers away !!! Oh well, they'll taste good tomorrow ! Don't forget to join us on Sunday ... See yesterday's post for some fun Links & cards etc ... Enjoy !
Thanksgiving Divorce
     A man in  Phoenix calls his son in New York two days before
Thanksgiving and says,'I hate to ruin your day, but I have to tell you
that your mother and I are divorcing; forty-five years of misery is
enough. 'Pop, what are you talking about?' the son screams.
    We can't stand the sight of each other any longer,' the father
says. 'We're sick of each other, and I'm sick of talking about this, so
you call your sister in  Chicago and tell her.'
     Frantic, the son calls his sister, who explodes on the phone.
'Like heck they're getting divorced,' she shouts, 'I'll take care of
this,'  She calls  Phoenix immediately, and screams at her father, 'You
are NOT getting divorced. Don't do a single thing until I get there.
I'm calling my brother back, and we'll
both be there tomorrow. Until
then,  don't do a thing, DO YOU HEAR ME?' and hangs up.
     The old man hangs up his phone and turns to his wife. 'Okay,' he
says, 'they're coming for Thanksgiving and paying their own way.'

Nov 26 = Happy Thanksgiving to All ! If you eat too much, don't forget =
We will be dancing at Crystal's on Sunday (4pm) and
please bring non-perishables for Judy's Food Drive ....

I have been updating my "Holiday" page - There are lots of parties for my classes & some that are open to All ! Please, Join us at Toll Gate & Crystal's (lessons & Me as your DJ) or for Dinner & Dancing to Harm's Way at Dugan's. Also I will be listing other Parties as I hear of them. Maybe Craft Fairs & Holiday Bazaars (if I find the time) ... So, Send me your "Stuff" that you'd like to see posted ...

In the meantime, Enjoy these links, games, recipes & cards for the Thanksgiving weekend !
Safe journeys for all of you ~ and go ahead & eat too much !!!

Here are a few beautiful JL greetings !!!

Just in time for Thanksgiving...... A Turkey Shoot ......
Good luck, but it's addictive!

Great fun for the Fall season - Can you catch apples ? 
Give it a try ! (I am not very good at it)

Remember this ?

May your stuffing be tasty
May your turkey plump,
May your potatoes and gravy 
Have never a lump. 
May your yams be delicious
And your pies take the prize,
And may your Thanksgiving dinner
Stay off your thighs! ... anon.

Recipe for Stuffing :
 Here is a turkey recipe that also includes the use of popcorn as a
 stuffing -- imagine that. When I found this recipe, I thought it was
 perfect for people like me, who just are not sure how to tell when
 poultry is thoroughly cooked, but not dried out. Give this a try. 
8 - 15 lb. turkey
 1 cup melted butter
 1 cup stuffing (Pepperidge Farm is Good.)
 1 cup uncooked popcorn (ORVILLE REDENBACHER'S LOW FAT)
Salt/pepper to taste 
Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Brush turkey well with melted butter salt,
 and pepper. Fill cavity with stuffing and popcorn. Place in baking pan
 with the neck end toward the back of the oven. 
Listen for the popping sounds. When the turkey's @$$ blows the oven door
 open and the bird flies across the room, it's done. 
And, you thought I didn't cook ....

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Nov 19 ~ Please check the "...Light" page - There are some important prayer requests needed ....
Mark your calendars for Wed Dec 17th - we will be having a Christmas party at Old Toll Gate - watch for details !!! 

Nov 11 - Veteran's Day - a BIG thank you to all our vets ! (Dad was Navy WWII).
Sat, I went to Tim Gillis in the Catskills = saw lots of friends & learned some cute new dances.
Mon - Gee, Another cake ! Thanks to all in my class ...
Today is a free day - WhooHoo ! This coming weekend has lots to do.
Friday is an Anniv dance for Lika & Alan Kohn in NY (one year already!).
Saturay is our "class field trip" to dance to "Harm's Way"
Sunday is the beginning of our new day & time at Crystals !!!!! 

Nov 6 = My Birthday !!! Dinner at Nardi's with my friend June & Dad too...

Nov 5 = Birthday week continues at "Toll Gate" with a surprise CHEESECAKE !!! Thanks Carol !

Nov 4 = Dinner with my friend Ruth at Senior Poncho's then we went to see Dad (& change his bandages)

Nov 1st = Great day - workshop with Michael Diven & the PA gang !!! Dena & I danced all day !!! I can't wait to see her and Jamie and Alysan again in a few weeks .....

Oct 31 = Dad was injured today - a dog bit his hand - He seems OK, but hurts !!! He went for stitches and missed Halloween (poor guy!!!)
As for me ... I found out later - I was away - Dena, Jamie & Alysan took me to Texas Roadhouse for my early birthday dinner ! Yummy steak !!! Thanks !!!!

Oct 29 - GREAT party at Toll Gate !!! Everyone was dressed in Orange & Black - The food was fabulous (even the "witches fingers" - ick) - We danced all our favorites to strange, spooky songs. Thanks to all that participated -

Oct 26 - Wednesday we are having a Halloween party at Old Toll Gate (write to me for details).
I'm looking forward to this coming weekend ! I'm going to be teaching in PA (& seeing all my PA friends!!!!) - I hope you will join Michael Diven & I - we have planned a fun time !!! (See the Dance-Dates page for details)

Oct 12th -
Gee, 2 weeks & 2 weddings !!!! 
Last week, my cousin Bill got narried to Lynnette - a lovely day -
My relatives came down from Maine - Great visiting with everyone !!!
This past weekend, I DJed a rehearsal Dinner (& dance w/lessons) for 
Diane & Bill (my students/dancers from Old Toll Gate) and then I
DJed their wedding too. They were 2 wonderful and different parties
(casual & formal) - Thank you for letting me be part of your special days.
Congratulations & Best Wishes to both couples!!!
Reminder = NO CLASSES on Monday (Columbus Day)
Back to "normal" after that......


9/21 ~
Hi All - Want to help ?  Get some exercise ?  and have some fun ?
I'd like you to walk/march with me in Sunday's Mum Fest Parade.
We will be just behind Crystal's Float !!!
I'll let you know the meeting spot & time when you RSVP.

9/13 = Dad & I had a great week in Savannah for his WWII Navy reunion - Lots of photos & stories to share ... Just need to find some time... (PS - I've loaded 400+ photos to "Snapfish")

9/6 = Saturday's note: Made it through Hanna - Not too bad !!!
Here's to sunny days for the rest of the week with Dad in Savannah !

8/29/08 ~
Goshen Fair = This Weekend ! Lessons with Lynne and Dancing to 2 Great Bands "Stone Canyon" & "Cobblestone Rd"...... Join Us !!!

Aug 18th, 2008 ~

Hi All ~ Please join us & Pass it on !!!!
There are 3 events over the next 2 weeks = 1) Quassy, 2) Ranch & 3) Goshen Fair !!!
Please consider joining "my" TEAM - All that is required is my Tshirt & a Big SMILE!!!
We are doing a couple EASY dances & a couple Harder ones so that
everyone can fit into part of the Demo !!!

1) Quassy: Sat Aug 23rd- Lake Quassy Amusement Park, Middlebury, CT.
Just pay the parking and the workshops, Demos & Open Dancing is FREE.
Dancing starts at Noon. Ends around 4:30, (but you can stay and enjoy the park...)
Lynne's = My Lesson is at 12:15 & Our Demo is at 1:20
Other Groups and Instructors include:
Paula (CT) with "Jus Gotta Country Dance", Sue (NY) with her Group, Tina (ME),
Michele (MA) with Dance Fun-atics & Tammy (CT)

2) Ranch workshop - Sun Aug 24th. at Cadillac Ranch in Southington
Join us for some fun  ! 12:30 > 5pm - $12.
Lynne's = My Workshop/Lesson starts the day at 1pm
Other Instructors for the day include:
Paula, Michael & Gayle (CT) Ranch , Tina (ME), Sue (NY) , Tammy (CT)

3) Goshen Fair:
Join us again this year. (PS - THANKS to everyone that came out !!!)
Sat, Sun & Mon of Labor Day Weekend.
Aug 30 > Sept 1st
Dancing with Stone Canyon & Cobblestone Band
Easy Lessons w/ Lynne -
Please wear our Tshirt !

8/03/08 ~As posted on Facebook :



I'm still resting - Last weekend was the All American at Hudson Valley, NY - I had a GREAT time. There was something for everyone (progressive, partner, country etc). I taught a few Easy New dances to Current Country songs - even the more advanced dancers had fun with them (variated ???). One of the dances was one that I learned the weekend before at the Joanne Brady Workshop in Sleepy Hollow, NY - All of my photos for both events can be found on Lika & Alan Kohn's website.
  • This weekend :

  • Goshen Stampede-Rodeo !!!! See the "Fairs.." Page (Click on the Button Above)
  • There's a "Caring Hearts Pasta Dinner" for Chris Haddock who, sadly, passed away last week. Details can be found on my "This Little Light" Page

  • There are several Fun, Charities, Car shows & Concerts this weekend ~ See the "For a Cause", "Concerts" & "Cars..."  pages.

  • Giant Tag Sale at Elmwood Hall, Danbury Senior Center ~ Fri & Sat Jun 27&28 ~ 10:00 am ~ Donations accepted

Many Thanks to Christopher & Friends for coming out to Illusions when I taught his new dance "Wanna Have Fun" to a great Alan Jackson song! I love it & have been teaching it at Toll Gate & Park/Rec classes! We LOVE it!!!

It's a time for changes ~ Recently it was my final week of teaching at Illusions. I want to thank everyone that joined us (even from NY !!!!) & to all those who have danced there with me through the years (since 1999!). I hope you will continue to support them & me.  Check here for my new ventures & check their website (on my links page) for what's new with them ~ Linda, thanks for the card & you know I enjoyed the chocolate !!! Patty - I really love the bracelet - that was very thoughtful of you ~ and to everyone for their cards & well wishes. This is NOT Goodbye - just a "so long for now & see ya somewhere !!!"

May 16, 2008 -

  • Good News !! There's dancing at the Old Toll Gate again !!! I am there (teaching & playing your requests) - See the "Lynne's Lessons" page for more details. They have a wooden dance floor = It's GREAT !!! The food is good too ~Burgers, Appetizers & Dinner Specials - so, come early !!!
  • Many Thanks to Christopher Petre & wenches ~ They came out to Illusions when I taught his new dance "Wanna Have Fun" to a new Alan Jackson song "Good Time" - I LOVE it !!!
  • Thursday was my final class at Illusions ~ I have been there since 1999 & It's time for a change ... Thanks to everyone that came out ! Patty, I love the bracelet & Linda - well, you know how I love chocolate!!! Great cards too !!!  Who knows what the future will hold, but I'll keep you posted !!!
  • Great news about Dad ~ He's doing a lot better all the time ~ We are planning a trip in Sept. to Savannah, GA ~ Reunion with his WWII Buddy !!! So... He bought a new truck ! a 2004 Dodge Ram (a BIG one!) & now he is looking for a trailor so we can bring an Excalibur down there ~ Yes, we are crazy, but , whatever makes him happy!!!!  
  • Worried about high gas prices? Go to my "Links" page to find the best prices  ...
  • Look at the "For a Cause" page for info about the Dinner for Chris ~ Read about Jan & Bern and Kevin & Lynn ~ They had very successful benefits! ~ Maybe you will join me at a Charity walk !!!!